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What If One Shift In Your Thinking Could Change Everything In Your Life?

Breakthrough The Fear & Mental Road Blocks That Are Keeping You From the Success, Happiness, & Fulfillment You Truly Want In The Next 5 Days...

YES! I Want To Join The 5 Day Shift Your Mindset Challenge!

Over The Next 5 Days Take Advantage Of This Time-tested System To Shift Your Thinking And Create The Change You Want In Your Life...

What's holding you back from experiencing the success, happiness, and fulfillment you desire in your life?

What if there was a simple way to find what’s holding you back and change it... INSTANTLY?

Without spending tons of money.

Without spilling your guts to anyone.

And without wasting years of your life struggling to get RESULTS?

Time waits for no one...

Do you find yourself running in circles, spinning your wheels, burning up every ounce of energy to sadly find yourself in the exact same place you were last year?

Why does it seem like you can never get ahead or make the progress you really want in your life?

The truth is that the very thing holding you back at this very moment is outside of your awareness. 

If it was within the realm of your awareness, you would have already changed it and you'd be where you really want to be in your life...

You'd have that loving and passionate relationship that really lights you up. You'd have that career or business that makes you feel full of purpose. You'd have all the wealth and abundance you could ever wish for!

It doesn't really matter what it is you want...

Finding the ONE THING holding you back can help you get it!

I'm sure you have questions about what's holding you back? Why are you struggling to achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality?  

The "5 Day Shift Your Mindset Challenge" is a way to get your answers and start creating the change you want.

For years I've been helping my clients discover that one thing that is holding them back and sharing truly powerful techniques to help them rebuild their lives.

Now with this self-improvement experience you have the opportunity to get certainty back in your world...

With this highly effective and powerful five day self-improvement system you'll become aware of the ONE THING holding you back and you'll start experiencing the lasting change you've always wanted!

Each day of "The 5 Day Shift Your Mindset Challenge" builds on the previous day.

First, we'll walk through your habits along with your day-to-day activities. This will help you see why you are getting the less than positive results you're currently experiencing in your life.

Then through a series of simple questions you will better understand your beliefs.

By better understanding your beliefs, you'll have a better understanding of your core values and ultimately come into your true IDENTITY.

When you start to understand how your feelings and sensory perception are constantly sending and receiving information in a feedback loop you'll be able to keep the good stuff and let the rest go!

In only five days you will have greater insight into all aspects of your life!

Ready To Discover That ONE THING And Take Back Control Of Your Life?

YES! I Want To Join The 5 Day Shift Your Mindset Challenge!

Here's What You Can Expect During The 5 Day Shift Your Mindset Challenge...


Hear from my clients who have experienced life changing RESULTS!

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As a person of faith I can say the Mind Mechanic program has been awesome and I would recommend it to anyone looking for change, you'll be pleased. After going through the experience it changed the way I viewed a lot of things. Congratulations Tim Skiba you are the man!


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Tim Skiba has been my friend and mentor for a couple of years now. I first met him while on a girl’s trip after my sister’s husband passed away. We took her to the beach to get her mind off the world for a few days and met Tim there. After seeing how much he helped her with his unique techniques, I decided to give them a try for myself. I am telling you ALL right now, if you are hesitant and have doubts about using Tim’s innovative and compassionate guidance, don’t be. You won’t be disappointed! ❤️
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I had a couple of impromptu sessions with Tim. They were quite helpful, as I was moving through some challenging things. Tim creates a safe and compassionate space and opens up a new perspective with his guided experiences. It helped me to free up some stagnant energy that was blocking me from my true nature of being. 

Thank you, Tim. I'm so grateful for the time, attention and energy you put into supporting me. You're wonderful!

-Dade LeGrand

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Tim Skiba is an inspiration to me. He will help you change your way of thinking. Tim is my hero and I'm glad to call him a friend!

-Justin Freel

YES! I Want To Join The 5 Day Shift Your Mindset Challenge!
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Meet Tim Skiba... 

The Mind Mechanic

Tim is a thought provoking speaker, life changing trainer, certified hypnotherapist, and entrepreneur. He lives in Virginia Beach, VA with his wife Concetta. Tim has decades of business success and wisdom through his experience owning a highly profitable auto repair business, designing and building custom race cars, captaining ships on the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic, as well as running a successful parasailing business. 

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